It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.

I just spent a week telling all my New England relatives how wonderful the weather is in Los Angeles and what a great place this city is to live and work. And then I returned. Dumb move on my part I guess. For at least the tenth time this year the air conditioning is malfunctioning in my office building. My cubicle is only slightly less comfortable than I imagine the burning flames and constant anguish of hell to be. Consider this: I wore a long-sleeve, warm shirt to work today because last week we couldn’t get the thermostat above sixty degrees F.

Or maybe it’s just that everything sucks after a vacation.

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  1. Have problems with your AC you say? Well isn’t that funny? I happen to work for The Trane Co. and have a friend in the Los Angeles office. If you’d like to have your building owners contact Jason Rezell (626-913-7153) at our office in LA, I’m sure he could hook you guys up.Brownie

  2. You’re complaining about the room, okay cubicle, being cold? Granted, is it below 40 F, it might be a bit to much, but around 50-60 sound perfect. The brain works better and the body doesn’t just want to lie on the floor and melt away doing nothing.But then again, I hate heat.

  3. I’m not complaining about it being cold today. It was too cold last week. This week the a/c is gone and it’s literally 95 degrees F in the office. I am sitting at my desk sweating. This sucks.

  4. That explains a lot. 95 degrees F. That sounds… horrible. Absolutely horrible. I do hope they fix it soon, because I’m starting to sweat just by thinking of the borken AC.

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