This article, The Images That Won’t Let Us Go, is painfully true. The Challenger explosion seems like nothing to me now. This is just so much. You don’t even need to say it. Everyone knows. Everyone in the country, in the world probably … You can just say, “Did you know anyone there?” Or, “Have you heard anything else?” You don’t have to say, “the World Trade Center,” or, “the Pentagon.” What else could you mean? Is there anything else? Did anything else happen this week?

While I was riding around Boston with my dad the week before last, we started talking about one of my favorite Hemingway lines:

“The war seemed as far away as the football games of some one else’s college,”

(from A Farewell to Arms).
At WorldNewYork I just read:

“I tried to read this morning’s newspaper this afternoon, but the pre-bombing news seemed irrelevant, like news from twenty years ago.”

This Sunday seems like it’s happening to someone else. It feels as if I am not who I was last week. Has the world changed? Have I? Who is this person that I am now? It’s very odd. Last Monday there was so much … I don’t know … So much stuff that seemed so important then just really, honestly doesn’t seem to matter. It sounds hokey … cheese … but it’s true.


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