Most of the people that visit my website come here because they know me. Usually it’s a friend or family member who has discovered my little corner of the internet, but sometimes a complete stranger will click on a link to me from somewhere else and start reading. Often someone will go to a search engine (Yahoo!, google, AltaVista, etc.) and my page will appear as a possible resource for the information the person wants to find. Sometimes people find my page by searching on things I have never mentioned or by some crazy word combination on my site. These are disturbing search requests. I can find these by reading my referral logs to see where a person was before visiting me. So. Here are some of the stranger things people have visited me to find.
[This page was inspired by Disturbing Search Requests].

  • dave gagne custom ice
  • underwear jpg
  • what is a bad poem?
  • i’m allergic to cats
  • how can i improve the sizes of my balls
  • i have spilled milk in my car how can i get rid of smell
  • sorority spanking
  • secretly videotape sex
  • powerpuff girls birthday decorations
  • arnold schwarzenegger audio clips
  • lanie live web cam
  • snappy cam sex
  • where can i buy a yankees suck t shirt
  • i hate julia roberts
  • idlepimps
  • “digital camera” humiliation
  • booty pants photos
  • “lingerie business”
  • tammy felbaum
  • ball gowns or tuxedos/suits
  • “hospital toilet”
  • animated penis gifs
  • lifegaurd shorts
  • marlboro classic shoes
  • joan collins jpg
  • cute condom photo
  • clooney mambo italiano listen free
  • digital low brow art competition

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