What am I gonna do?! How am I supposed to resist?!
MOVABLE TYPE :: Personal Publishing System

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  1. Let’s see … I’m running this, the OB, the GatorBlog, the Song of the Moment, and the ‘the good stuff’ sidebar blog. Three are GreyMatter blogs and two are Blogger blogs and put them all together and what have you got? A lot. I was finally starting to really love GreyMatter and my templates and the whole she-bang. But this MovableType looks soooo cool. I want it! Dare I? What do you think?

  2. go for it, man. i love greymatter… but… this is a NEW toy. who can resist NEW toys? i’ll just make a new blog to go with the new toy… i just hope it won’t suck. i hate finding out things suck after i install them.

  3. Or you could wait till friday and sign up for Big Blog Tool. It handles multiple content areas with no includes or special tricks. Also, within a month I will be releasing a version that supports multiple content on multiple pages. Then you could handle the content for all the sites from one slick interface!:)

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