<begin rant>
Faces beware! I couldn’t find a true link to the evil razors, but this page describes the full Gillette product line. Watch out for the newest edition of the Custom Plus 10-pack of UltraGrip ™ Custom Blades ™. The LubraStrip ™ doesn’t lube anything. These things are horrible! I don’t know if I just got addicted to the Mach 3 or what, but when I tried to save a few bucks and go with this multipack of disposables I definitely made a poor decision. Razor burn? Absolutely. The blades didn’t shave my stubble; they ripped the hairs from my chinny-chin-chin. Ouch! I look like I lost a fight with a weed-whacker. Trust me on this one: Stick with the Sensor, Sensor Excel, or Mach 3.
<end rant>

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  1. geez, i know exactly what you mean. those razors are horrible! so much so that after i used one, i pulled out my so-so electric razor because it was heaven compared to those suckers …

  2. yowchies. i’ll remember that for the legs and pits.

    mach3’s are smooooooth

  3. You must have looked REALLY cool for your first couple of days on the job! We missed you in G’ville last weekend. Just wasn’t the same without you and Chuck.

  4. i hate shaving

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