In case you had any plans for the next decade or so, I think you should know that I will be entering into a strategic alliance which will give me all sorts of ultra-supreme powers. I plan on helping with this project.
Once we’ve completed,
<Lex Luthor>
we’ll be rich … Rich … RICH !!!
</Lex Luthor>

Or at the very least very well-known.

… and yes … I copied the Lex Luthor gag from a post I saw on me-fi. Me-fi. That’s metafilter, you know. Do I need to link to metafilter? Really? Do you not know how to get there already? Everyone visits me-fi. Hell. Me-fi runs the internet!
You’ll have to excuse me. I’m a bit maniacal tonight. Well. Bowling. Maniacal, then bowling. Yes, I’m going bowling. What else would you do if you were feeling a bit maniacal? I’m going to be … yes … a bowling maniac!

[Update: I never made it to the bowling alley. That’s how maniacal I was. See? Margaritas. Margaritas will always trump bowling.]

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