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Are these fonts too small? Anyone?

I’ve been fooling with the themes here at the web-technology outpost. It’s all wacky css and javascript fun! If you have cookies disabled (You paranoid silly person!) you might not be getting the whole shebang when you view my site(s). Oh well. Clicking on the “themes” links over there in the sidebar should allow you to change the entire look of this site. Which do you like? Which do you hate? Do you even care? Well. So. Okay then. Just trying to make you happy. That’s what I do here. I’m all about being user-friendly.

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  1. The font size is nice (and this is coming from a person who is enamoured by 11px Ariel). I’d have to say my favorite theme is a tie between Lost Pages and Safari.

  2. The fonts are lovely. The columns, on the other hand, behave strangely (maybe only in Opera?). After the sidebars run out, the middle (content) column becomes the width of the entire screen. Pretty tough to read.

    Otherwise, pretty.

  3. Thanks for asking, yes – too small, particularly for larger monitors, and us over 40. The columns, on the other hand, work fine for me (Opera 6)

  4. Thanks for asking about font size. I’ve been having a terrible time trying to read your site. I tried your site in Mozilla. It has font zoom….how did I miss that before? Now I can read your site without my nose being a few inches from the screen!

    I learned it from
    but I didn’t use all the advanced stuff he put in his CSS…just the keywords.

    PS…I’ve done the blogdata tutorial, and was going to ping your site, but I was hoping to add the “email this entry popup” to my MT 2.64 LOL.

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