On spyware and scumware


I got a friendly eMail last night. (It was from an interesting eMail address: kyle@barfbag.com!) Someone was warning me about spyware / scumware embedded in AudioGalaxy. He suggested I download Ad-Aware by Lavasoft to inspect my system. So I went to the site and grabbed a copy. Their download page – like so many others – suggests I use one of their “mirror sites” rather than their main download location.

Here’s the thing: The “mirror sites” are all presented after the main download location. If you’re designing a download page and you specifically don’t want me to download from your main area, why would you list that one first? Wouldn’t it make more sense to present the alternate locations at the top of the page? Aren’t most readers going to just click the first option? (I almost always do, and I know quite a bit about all this stuff, y’know?) It’s just a thought …

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