In which residents fool tourists

Bogus Permits

My dad sent me a few bogus permits last week. They’re pretty funny — Cape Cod Canal Resident’s Tunnel Permits. The web site has quite an assortment of fake permits. Get your “terrorist hunting license” or “Cape Cod Submarine Racing Team” decals now!

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  1. Hey…………… weren’t supposed to tell anyone they were bogus! Its a big goof on the Cape to have people ask “where the tunnel” is, usually a New Yawkah who is theah faw the first time…..oh well, you blew the secret….

  2. Driving into work this morning here in Austin, I was stuck behind a Ford Expedition (Texas Plates) with a Cape Cod Canal Tunnel Permit. Well its been 15 years since I have been to the Cape – and was wondering when they got a tunnel… thanks for the info!

  3. We saw a Cape Cod tunnel permit in San Francisco, next to a Golden Gate tunnel permit. Is there any place to buy the Cape Cod permit on the web?

  4. I picked up a ‘submarine racing team’ permit when on vacation in the Cape a couple of years back. It is now on our canal boat back here in the UK, causing great interest from fellow boaters ! They can be obtained over the net at

  5. Sorry, web site address should have read

  6. Hi…
    Our Son and Daughter in law sold their car – with the Cape Cod Tunnel permit…..and can’t find one for their new car. They have a summer home in Sandwich – (D-I-L) spent her summers there as a kid –
    They aren’t able to find one for their new car. Can you give me a source?
    Kindest regards,
    Trish Marsdale

  7. Our Son and D-I-L sold the car that had the Cape Cod Tunnel sticker on it and can’t find a replacement to put on their new car. Do you have a source for these? I’d love to surprise them with it!!!
    Many thanks,
    Trish Marsdale

  8. There are still a few places to find it, one is the rest area on Route 25 East between Exit 2 and 3 (formerly 2 and 1). There used to be a place called Cape Cod Caboose at the Cape Cod Factory Outlet Mall that sold them but it is gone .

  9. Check Tradewinds and the Christmas tree shops

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