Experts Argue for Mandatory Organ-Donor System

Switching to a mandatory system of organ donation — one where viable organs are harvested from the recently deceased without the family’s permission — would alleviate the nation’s donor-organ shortages and prevent people from needlessly dying while waiting for an organ, according to two US and UK researchers.”

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  1. It’s sad that we even have to talk about making something so obvious and practical “mandatory.” In California you get a sticker on the front of your driver’s license if you are an organ donor. The only one of those stickers I’ve ever seen is on my own license.

    I can’t comprehend why anyone wouldn’t be an organ donor. It’s not like you need your inners after your heart stops beating…

  2. Johnny Von Lichtenstein

    You are all very dumb. If you don’t want to donate organs, don’t. I’m a gonna bite you in your leg. You bastards.

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  4. Your heart needs to remain beating while they rip organs from your, technically, you are still alive.

  5. yes you are still alive when they take your organs but your brain is dead therefore you are just a body without a soul…your heart may be beating but you are already dead. if you can save another persons life by giving up the good organs that you wont have nor need after you die (because eventually you will decay or if your organs are removed by embalming then you wont keep them anyways) you could save someone elses life…and thats whats important

  6. I think that mandatory organ donation should be prohibited myself and I also agree that it will make an shoter list of people who do really need organs instead of having to wait on an extra organ to come from someone who did give permission!

  7. i couldnt agree more i think that organ donation is stupid, but if you want to so be it. honestly i would hate to think someone was walking around with my heart or something.

  8. while I do not think you can make it mandatory to donate (some people have religious convictions against such acts) why not consider the idea of changing the system such that the burden is no longer on those who wish to donate, but rather, place it on those who wish not to donate. Thus a registry would be set up so that anyone who did not want to donate organs would have to go out and sign up, and if you didnt sign up it would be implied consent to donate.

  9. I am a mother of a child (17yrs old) who’s wishes were to donate his organs in the event of his death. I did just that and I am warmed by the thought that his generosity and warmth for others brought so much life to this world. By his donation of his organs alone, 12 children were able to keep a parent in their lives longer. Closing I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet his heart recipent and become friends with him. I now have a 65 yr old son and I am only 43. Mandatory I feel that everyone should have a choice but as my son said ” you can’t take it with you mom, please give it to someone that can use it”.

  10. I don’t know if it is greedyness that provokes some people to think that giving their organs is a bad thing. Then again some people are just lazy and never really think about it until it is too late, thank god that maybe there next of kin or spouse is a bit brighter than they were and gives permission to donate. I can’t even imagine how someone could be so callouse and think that they would need their organs more when their dead then some poor person who is on a waiting list a mile long and is about to die. The only way this type of behaviour should be allowed is if the person has a religious obligation. Then it is totally acceptable. That is all I have to say about mandatory organ donation. I hope that people reading this will get the inspiration to sign a donors card in favour of donating their organs.

  11. what about ppl’s belefs and morals? some religions oppose donating organs? sdn’t ppl have the will to choose? isn’t this a free country? y amke ppl turn against their beliefs?

  12. I agree with what someone else said about the freedom to choose but make the people who do not want to be donors sign the list. I am researching this topic for an Ethics course and I knew very little about it until this. I think that most of the general public are ignorant to the fact that so many people are waiting for organs. So make the public educate themselves.

  13. I dont think that organ donation should be mandatory because what if you wanted to give it to your family instead of someone else? many religions believe that if you take a part of someones body after they die then part of them is not going to the other side or higher power. I would hate for part of me to not go to heaven!!! i dont want organ donation to be mandatory! think about it!! it would make people mad!

  14. I think organ donation should be mandatory because as someone else said it would be selfish if you did not donate when you didn’t need your organs anymore. You could save anyone elses life, when you don’t have your own anymore. Why not donate? A person on the list could be a perfect match but because you didn’t want to or you never thought to, they can suffer or even die, when they could have been saved by a simple signature.

  15. I understand where people are comming from both sides, like part of you won’t go to heaven. But why not give someone else to had years onto there life, just because your life was taken away from you, doesn’t mean you have to be selfish and not give someone else the chance to live. I think it should be your chocie- but i am doing a speech against organ donating, and i haven’t found anything against. It is only something saving peoples lives. If people would just take the time to think about it, they might be a hero to someone they never met.

  16. I think organ donation should be mandatory because why not save another peson because you want a open cascet funeral. It shouldnt matter what happens to your organs after you die as long as the government gives time for the families to see the person that is dead.

  17. I believe that organ donation should be manatory to everyone excrpt the one who have deadly diseases in their organs. The reasom I feel this way is because millions of people every day need organs and are on the waiting list also people who are on the waiting list die because it was to late fot them. That is why i feel that organ donations should be mandatory.

  18. I am absolutely repulsed by the amount of uneducated, selfish, stubborn ingrates on this page that wish to throw in their worthless 2 cents for why they refuse to donate their organs. Are you kidding me? I honestly dont believe there is or has ever existed a modern organized religion that states in its scriptures the importance of ensuring your deceased body is preserved, with all of its cells and organs intact in order to enter the afterlife. Does anyone realize that even if you had all of your organs intact at the moment of your death (which in a lot of cases you dont), as soon as your heart stops beating, every cell in you begins to decay. You all should make yourselves sick, how ungreatful you are to be alive right now with food on your tables, families to love and computers to share your stupidity with people from all around the world. It really does boggle my mind that people would actually willingly withhold their organs when theyre dead. Do yourselves a favor and stop being so selfish, maybe if you show some kindness and care for another living thing other than yourself, you might have a chance to make it to a good afterlife………………… I still cant belive you guys.

  19. Recently, I read in a magazine that I can donate some of my organs while I am still alive. Where do I sign up??? I have a list of things (a very long list) I want to do before I die….. This is now immediatly at the TOP.
    Please write me at my e-mail address as soon as possible.


  20. i would love to donate my organs when i die but don’t know of any organisation i can go to in Zim.I believe i wont need them when i die and someone else can make better use of them.

  21. i personally think that organ donations should be at least stated whether or not you want to donate. i think it should be that you cant get your liscense without stating which way you want to go. many people dont even think about it so if it was mandatory to say whether or not you wanted to donate i think more people would say yes than no just because it would be brought upon their attention of how important it is

  22. there is also a good side to donating your helping someone who desperatlly needs a heart or even a lung believe me if you chose to donate when you are no longer living you will be helping someone please donate you can help one person who will prayto you for the rest of your life.

  23. I have been researching organ donation and have discovered that gypsies are the only ones who are adamently opposed to it. All other religions either endorse organ donation or believe it is an individuals choice. If you do become an organ donor you can still have an open casket without any obvious scars, and donating will not delay your wake or funeral. To be an organ donor in the US all you have to do is check the organ donor box when get your license. Otherwise there are many websites from which you can download, print, and sign official organ donor cards. The most important thing is to let your family and friends know that you wish to be an organ donor. These are all facts, so all of you people saying otherwise are just plain wrong and need to do your research. Also, if you do not support organ donation I hope in your time of need you are abandoned by everyone else.

  24. Making organ donation mandatory is just wrong! Besides that, a donation os something that you give on your own free will, and by making it mandatory it isnt’ even a donation any more, but rather an form of organ tax! I am only 16 years old an have yet not made my desicion on weather I want to donate my organs after I die or not, but I am pretty sure that I will… There are other ways to go than to put in an “organ tax” like to give more education on the topic in public schools and such so make people more aware about the possibilities about organ donation. But to make a law that sayes that other people have the right to YOUR OWN body after you die just makes me sick! Besides that, the number of people donating their organs are growing in this very moment, and in 2004 the number of organ donations were higher than ever before.

    So instead of making it mandatory, there should just be spend more resources on making people aware about the options that they have on the topic.

  25. True, the whole ‘mandatory’ and ‘donation’ in the same sentence is quite a contradiction.

    However, I believe it is necessary and logical to make such a thing mandatory. Do you really have your ‘its a free country’ rights when your dead?

  26. Organ donations, the ying of the yang, the good of the evil or the McDonald fries that taste so good. This debate cannot be resolved with one simple answer, it all depends upon the individual. Organ donations do save lives, no question about it. But many people who apose may have good reasons as to why they are against this topic. I myself will never agree with donating my organs, but would be glad to receive it… As Hobbes said human nature is selfish, nasty brutish and short, and in a way he is right. Look at Western society, what everyone (generally the majority) is to crave for more. Economics is based on maximizing on profits, with giving less in return. Thus, an answer cannot be created. Everyone has his/her own opinion. This debate could go on endless, because, yes everyone has their own beliefs =)

  27. I do support Xeno-Transplantation, because that stuff is cool =)

  28. Any one who says that mandatory organ donation is crazy. Im 16 and i personally think it has to be a choice. The constitution of the United States gives us the right to life, liberty, and the pusuit of happiness. Most importantly it gives us freedom to chose. Should people donate thier organs? Probably. But by making it mandatory you are going against everything that this country stands for. Organ Donation Groups themselves appose this ridiculous idea. I realize that lives may be saved but you can’t go off that alone. If that were the idea than you could say because people won’t die of lung cancer we should out law smoking or saying because a person kills someone while driving drunk we should outlaw drinking. Maybe we should even ban sex because AIDS kills millions of people a year. You would never consider doing this because the choice of doing all of those things is a freedom. Same goes with organ donation it is a choice and no one has the right to take that away from the individual.


  30. i think making donations manditory is a dumb idea because its a free country and it should be your choice 2 do it or not. if u dont want 2 than dont. u should have the choice 2 donate or not, it shouldnt already be made up 4 u. remember, u r the pilot of ure own life. if people spend less time trying 2 pass it as a law, and more time advertizing it and making the public aware of the problem, u would get more doners. duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)(=

  31. Wow, i just read the first 3 and im pretty sure the third one dispointed me, calling us basterts for saying that you should not save lives? Im thinking your a nice person.

  32. The doctors require your brain to be dead but listen to this, a women was in a car crash and was pronounced her brain to be dead, well her family incisted to wait on the organ transplant and brought her to a hospital where they kept her on life support, and used electrotherapy on her brain, 3 months later she regained consciousness.

  33. I am a St.Mary’s student, from Hobart, and I am about to debate negitivly ‘that organ donation should be mandatory’. In this case, it doesn’t matter what I think, but when I reach the right age, I will be a blood and organ donor, because, I feel that if I can help say, 3 other people, then I can say I made a significant difference in this world.

  34. First-in response to post 46- no one can be pronounced brain dead at the scene of an accident- you CAN be pronounced DEAD and in those case tremendous trauma has to have taken place. Brain death at least in California has to be done by different tests inculding CT or Blood flow studies of the brain- at least twice- at least 2 flat EEG’s (electrical brain wave studies) and at least two negative apnea tests ( inability to breath spontaneously off a ventilator plus other physical examination tests by more than one Doctor.
    My 5 month old grand daughter was declared brain dead on July 4th this year- just a few days ago…….my daughter made the choice to donate her organs and I support that decision. We were told last night at least 7 babies would now have a chance to live because of that sweet baby. I wish to God the chance could have been hers- but it simply wasn’t. Now she is a hero to so many people and her gifts to others are just begining. I believe in heaven and I know she is there, happy and whole while here her gifts give other parents and grand parents a chance to watch their little ones grow and thrive because of Jalina.
    God bless them and above all our sweet angel Jalina.


  36. I could give a **** about what others think its right or wrong make if u dont think its right then stem cell research is the way to go!why take a organ from a dead person rather then just regrow ur own 1 or the other decide

  37. FYI most major religions agree with organ and tissue donation, they see it as a charitable act of kindess and an act of love. Just some statistics to look at:

    one donor can save 50-75 (organ and tissue donors)

    92,000 men women and children are on a waiting list for a trans plant

    about 18 people die every day from not reciving an organ

    and one person is added to the list every thirteen minutes

    so how horrible would it be to save someone?
    you can still have an open casket
    it doesn’t cost money
    you are possibly save alot of people
    churches agree with it

  38. i think organ donation being mandatory is good ! (:

  39. Stupid people play God. Talking about religion yet still taking power that is not yours. People die, it is part of life. What great feat will the majority of recipients contribute anyhow? Watching T.V.?

  40. P. S. Talking about morals, tell me why is suicide illegal? We can make it mandatory for people to keep others alive (so they can generate money!) but we can’T take our life with our own hands (because the dead CAN’T GENERATE MONEY!). When did death become such a negative thing? Oh- when the government couldn’t profit from it.

  41. Frankly, I don’t believe that mandating organ donation is a great decision.

    Don’t get me wrong–I support the idea of donating organs and tissues to save others- and I’m planning to do so myself-but when you consider the other methods that will become available–stem cell research, xenotransplants, etc., it really should make you think twice about it. Ever since I decided to make my speech topic on this matter, I have learned so much more about it; in fact, it generated my own epiphany.

    Compare us to the Sun, then other Solar systems, then other galaxies, and then the universe. Think of how small we compare and how tiny our problems compare. Plan your life carefully; respect other people’s opinion, and live for what YOU believe in is right.

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