This post is part of the Song of the Moment collection. For several years when I started blogging, I would occasionally post an obfuscated mp3 file for visitors to download without letting them know what the song was. The filename was always simply song.mp3 so when I posted a new one, the previous #sotm would be overwritten.

Grab the New Song!
You just must click that link and download the latest Song of the Moment! It’s one of my all-time favorites.

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  1. I love it. One of my favorites from WAY back (I’ve actually seen that performed live, like 20 years ago or something.)

    OTOH, springing that on folks without warning may get you some grousing from the less enlightened. 😉

  2. I will download it when I get home. (no sound card at the office)
    Hey, I signed up to be notified when you update the song of the day, but I never get an email. Why is that??

  3. Oh DAVID I LOVE YOU!!!!
    We have this on the LIVE CD…
    You know how mcuh I adore him.. I just became an official fan club member!

  4. Wow, great choice, David. As Deanna said, we have this cd, and I was really disappointed when we listened to the VSM for the first time. On the vinyl album, which I grew up listening to (yes, showing my age), it is longer, with Barry first telling a little story about the songs and explaining what you are about to hear. I am not sure why they cut it out of the cd. It couldn’t possibly have been a space issue…

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