In which we all get a scare

So … I’ve been loathe to mention this here, but I guess I should.

My dad had a heart attack last weekend.

He’s fine now – thank God – but, man, what a flucking scare, y’know?

Apparently his days of eating potato chips are gone, but he’s had angioplasty (70% blockage in one artery and 90% in another) and some titanium stents installed so technically now he’s a bionic dad.

I gotta tell ya: It really, really freaked me out. For a day or so I was scared out of my mind. I am so inconceivably happy that he is okay.

Feel free to drop him a line. I mailed him “Salt” to read while he’s recuperating, but I know he digs getting email.

(Note: If you click the link to send him an email, the message will have “NOSPAM” in the middle of his address. You’ll have to take that out before you hit send. That’s just there so that web-spidering robots won’t find his email address and add him to spam lists.)

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  1. well David, i hope your dad gets well soon! care & good luck

  2. As long as he is ok that is all that matters. Sometimes it’sa the scary moments in life that make us pay more attention to the good ones. Hope your dad recovers quickly.

  3. Was your father William Gagne a graduate of Oakland High School?
    If so, please ask him to be in contact with me.
    Jack de Lowe

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