I find it completely incomprehensible that Peppermint Patty refers to Snoopy as “a funny-looking kid with a big nose.” How could she possibly not recognize that he is a dog?!

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  1. Perhaps she’s simply trying not to be speciest. After all, Canine-Americans deserve to be treated the same as everyone else.

  2. I think she calls most everyone kid instead of using their name?

  3. What? Snoopy is a DOG??


  4. Well… of all the dogs I’ve seen, Snoopy seems more human than any of them by far.


  6. her eyesight is so faible when it comes to judging people, marking the correct answers for the school tests and distinguishing the little, thin lines on the clock late at night, I just love pep’s power to focus all of her eyesight on the baseball!!! I wish I could focus my senses like that!….

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