Dennis Miller and Al Franken discuss POTUS

from an episode of Dennis Miller on CNBC:

Dennis Miller: When Clinton was President, I found him to be a really reprehensible human being. I didn’t like him. … But on a day-to-day basis, him being President never really bothered me. I thought, “Well, listen, Bill, it’s a tough job. I’m behind ya.” I didn’t like him. I thought he was a bad guy, but I remember thinking, “I’m not gonna whine about it too much because it’s a tough gig.” If Bush is re-elected, will it upset your day-to-day life?

Al Franken: Well, I mean, I think it would upset the day-to-day lives of a lot of other people. I’m fortunate, I’m in the … It’s actually, in terms of my day-to-day life, in terms of financially, he’s helped me. I’m in the top 1% as you are. But I think he hurts the country. And, we all breathe the same air. Whether you’re in the top 1% or not. And, I think he’s been a disaster in a lot of ways. And I’ll tell ya the one way it has affected me personally, was last Christmas I went on my fourth USO Tour. I went to Iraq. I went to Afghanistan. And seeing those troops and a lot of those kids are my kids’ age. I came back from that furious because I think this President went into this war without the proper preparation. And the preparation was there; it was done — the planning had been done. But he willfully ignored it and because of his hubris, he said that they would, y’know, they would greet us with chocolates and flowers, and he said today on the Today Show, “The war on terrorism isn’t winnable.” And even as recently as the State of the Union Address he said we were gonna win the war on terror. It’s something he did, between then and now, that has made … My children are gonna be subjected to terror for the rest of our lives I guess, and their kids and their kids after them, because the President of the United States today said the war on terror is not winnable. And I believe that his war on Iraq made things worse. And so, yes, I think it makes my day-to-day life a lot worse; and especially make the day-to-day lives of single mothers who’ve lost MedicAid for kids because the states aren’t being, aren’t getting the kind of financing that they should be from the federal government so they can give tax cuts to me and you; Three hundred thousand kids who were kicked out of after-school programs — those kids are hurt by this President. So I think maybe you were okay with President Bill Clinton because he did such a good job.

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