It feels like I live in Alaska or something — it’s only quarter-past five and already full-on dark night outside. What’s up with that? It’s been pretty damn chilly lately. Well. Chilly for Los Angeles, at least. It’s mildly annoying because if I turn on the heater in my apartment I have to take my diploma off the wall in my bedroom and stick it behind one of my night tables. I have it hanging directly above the in-floor oil furnace that passes for a heating unit. The heater actually works amazingly well, and quickly. My apartment can go from freezing (okay, mid-40s) to broiling in about ten minutes from that thing. But I worry that I’m going to warp, spindle, or mutilate my diploma, so …

Anyway. I saw Prime last week. Forgot to mention that. It was pretty good. I’d give it four stars just on acting and direction, but the writing fell flat in places, and it didn’t really have a decent ending, so it’s just a three-star film in my book. Of course, I have no book. I also have no standard star-based ranking of anything, so take that with a grain of salt.

Last night I used LimeWire — wonderful tool — and Google to finally get around to finding the version of “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” that plays at the end of Die Hard. It’s by Vaughn Monroe, by the way.

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  1. If you think that complete dark at 5:15 is bad, then I had a catastrophic Winter. I live in Australia ( Queensland, Not the places with the riots ) and during winter ( Your summer ) soem days were dark at 4:45, and when the sun goes down that early, you know it is going to be cold. I have yet to read your entire website, so I do not know what you studied to recieve your diploma in, but congratulations anyway, because a diploma shows commitment to study, a quality rarely seen. It is even more comforting that you take pride in your diploma and attempt to protect it.

    P.S, LimeWire is a little slow, Try using a program called NeoNapster, hard to come by, but easy and fast to use.

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