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The spammers finally broke me. I’ve gotten well over 3,000 spam comments since Monday morning. It was becoming such a pain to delete them all that I have now implemented Nio’s anti-spam comment captcha WordPress plug-in. It seems to be working pretty well so far. Please let me know if you have any issues.



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  1. i like this plugin, but the link to download the plugin dosen’t seem to work 🙁

  2. ok, link is back up. Amazing how easy this was to install.

    I also use the Trencaspammers captcha on one of my other sites which took me nearly all night to figure out.

    How is this working so far here?

  3. Yeah, I’m having all sorts of problems. What sort of country do we live in where WordPress can now prevent a guy like me from posting links to the best man-dog-marsupial threesomes on the web? Are you saying that you now have the power to decide who can and cannot view the greatest wallaby-great dane-Mark Wahlberg sex scene ever produced? Shame on you. Move back to France with all of your anti-American, socalist, single species-loving ideals. I’m sure they’ll welcome you back with open arms, you raging speciest!

  4. WTF, HAHAHAHA!!! I wasn’t expecting that.

  5. schnikees–does this mean links aren’t allowed?

    first thing’s first, i went hunting for the man-dog-marsupial threesome and couldn’t find it anywhere. that’s just unfair–esp. because I’m pretty good when it comes to hunting for marsupiality scenes online.

    On the plus side, i did find another heartwarming story of a guy that keeps a tradition of setting himself on fire. Apparently this time, “A crowd of about 1,000 cheered as he burned…” after which he drives into the “chagrin river”. seriously. even IF i were to set myself on fire, i wouldn’t do it anywhere remotely close to anything called “chagrin”, because that would just be dumb. everyone knows you don’t set fire to yourself in such places. i prefer to do it in… you know… the privacy and spiritual seclucion of my bathroom.

  6. If you’re using this plugin, make sure to go grab the latest version! There was a bug that was preventing trackbacks from being recorded.

  7. I was rolling my own hack until I upgraded recently. I think I should be able to follow the general WordPress upgrade procedure from here on out.

  8. Looking around for a wp captcha plugin that works well…

  9. FYI: I no longer have the captcha plugin running on this site.

  10. JUNK: This is a test comment to see the captcha

  11. Mainly because I couldn’t get it to work correctly 100% of the time. But also because with Akismet catching about 98% of my spam, I don’t really need a captcha.

  12. Just installed and seems to be working fine…no spam yet!

  13. Well, I ended up having to rename the wp-comments-post.php file but between the two I am now about 99% spam free!

  14. Thanks, I was looking for this. Just wondering if it will work. Gonna try it. Thanks for the link

    🙂 ruben

  15. this is a test for captcha comments

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