On January 18 of this year I got a speeding ticket for doing 53 mph in a 35 mph zone on a barren stretch of Sawtelle Avenue at about 7 a.m.

This morning I drove behind two CHP patrol cars — one was license plate #1204664 — doing between 54 and 57 mph for at least two miles on the exact same stretch of Sawtelle. They obviously weren’t in the act of pursuit or anything. They stopped to get gas.

There really should be a place to report law enforcement personnel who abuse their power like that. Cops in LA are notoriously bad. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat behind an LAPD officer who flipped on lights and sirens just to get through a red light.

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  1. In Detroit they don’t even bother with the lights…or stopping for that matter. I’m glad I don’t work in Detroit anymore.

  2. I’ve read a few of your posts and after this one I have to ask; are you just opposed to authority? You seem to rile at the idea of being told what to do.

  3. Amy,
    I’m not opposed to authority in the least. I’m opposed to injustice, unfairness, inefficiency, and stupidity.

  4. I’m a little confused… if your opposed to unfairness and stupidity then how do you look in the mirror everyday??

    Note from DVG: Franscisco, that should be you’re and not your.

  5. Hahaha grammatical insults are the best things ever..

  6. There is a reason why 13 year old don’t let anyone read their diaries. It is because they are smart enough to realize that people don’t give a **** about their whiny little feelings. “Dear diary…that cop was mean to me!”

    Sadly, David Gagne is NOT smart enough to realzie that no one cares about his little bitch-fest filled diary.

    Dude…you write in a DIARY!

    Note from DVG: It’s amazing how rude people can be.

  7. Wow, I didn’t realize that you had more than one power-abusing cop as a reader.

    Listen, folks. It’s the not the “authority” at issue, here… it’s the hypocrisy.

    DVG – Dude, you write in a diary!

    JK87 – Dude, your (hahaha) even worse! You leave comments on others’ diaries. You’re a diary-writing wannabe. Talk about weak!

  8. I understand how he feels. I see it around here all the time, cops pulling people over for passing in the bicycle lane, just to watch them go around me in the bike lane the next day cause they do not want to wait for me to make my left turn either.

    When I see the police hiding behind a sign, some bushes, or over the hill trying to pick off people driving a little too fast.. it reminds me of school bullies waiting to jump out and mess with others.

    People get their badge to push people around (I AM THE LAW!) and continue to bully people into their adulthood.

    “You will respect my authoritah!!” — Eric Cartman

  9. Come to Cincinnati

    Now Brian Griffin is whiny….this guy is just a baby

  10. There are different levels of response for different situations. For some calls police are instructed to get there as fast as possible without using sirens or lights. That’s not to say the cop wasn’t abusing their power in this particular instance, but cops are permitted to exceed the speed limit w/out sirens and lights in certain situations.

    Note from DVG: These guys were not on a call. At the end of the stretch of road, they both pulled into a gas station to get gas or coffee or something. I watched this while stopped on the corner waiting to make a left turn.

  11. That’s because cops think they’re above the law. Back a few years ago I worked for the state Attorney General. We were all issued photo ID’s with a blue stripe at the top, our name, picture, position, the AG’s signature and AG’s office seal on them.

    You would not believe the courtesy extended to me just because I had the ID visible. Another friend of mine worked for the Providence Police Department – at least they were somewhat smart because staff ID’s were red stripe, sworn officers were blue stripe. But what of the guy, namely my friend, who could make ID’s – his was a blue stripe.

    Just goes to show how bogus identification is. And how bogus it is that cops get special privileges.

  12. Pretty funny letter from an NYC cop protesting a legitimate ticket written to him in Kansas: http://www.hutchnews.com/news/local/stories/ticket102406.shtml

    Note that even the good cop in this story says he’s no “angel,” as he does break traffic laws in his own county (knowing he’ll never be pulled over).

  13. If you don’t mind, my two cents:
    I, too, hate seeing cops flaunt their “position.” I hate when they run red lights, drive at whatever speed they want, use their lights and sirens to get through heavy traffic. I hate even more when they don’t do their jobs. Like pulling people over for running red lights, driving way too fast, or when they just hang out and don’t pay attention to what’s going on.
    It makes me nuts. The police, as well as our government representatives, public servents, and even corporate leaders are supposed to do just that: serve and lead. Set the example – a good example. Because every time a police officer runs a red light, a senator takes a bribe, a CEO pillages his company’s coffers, it sends a very strong message, especially to young citizens: It’s OK to break the law. Everyone’s doing it.
    (Whew. Sorry. That was long.)

  14. how much was the speeding ticket on sawtelle? i just got a similar one last night in santa monica but i can’t find the cost anywhere. thanks

  15. hi im from princeton wv i drive a 1994 buick roadmaster which is my baby and i went from work oneday to wendys on cumberland rd in bluefield wv and as i was pulling out of the wendy drive threw onto the road i was halfway across the road when a car came flying right at me around the corner in the pitch dark had no police lites on almost hit my drivers side back door part of my car the speed limit was 35 and the car happened to be a speeding cop with out emeregency lites on he was doin i estimated about 50 he almost hit my beautiful luxury car with his dangerous driving and i made it about 150 feet down the road and the same cop had turned around and had the nerve to pull me over well my first thought is maybe he is gonna apoligize but no he was loud and smart assed toward me telling me i didnt yield how can i yield if im already in the middle of the road well he told me he was doin 20 bull **** he wrote me a ticket for not yielding i told him i disagreed with the ticket that he was speeding and almost him my car he took out his hand cuffs and threw them around my arm while on the wheel i thought he was gonna murder me or somethin he said if u dont sign this ticket now i am taking u to jail and opened my car door i was scared i wanted to sue him but the lawer said it was his word against mine and he would get away with it i was so pissed but still had to pay 188 bucks on the ticket they said it was his word against mine and he wins this is wrong on so many levels i wanted justice and got fined for his dangerous driving officer nawman was his name . i just wish there was a way to get justice i feel so violated its not even funny

  16. You peeps complaining about police abuses & sense of entitlement to immunity don’t understand: laws are for OTHER PEOPLE.

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