Chris Leak

Chris Leak had all the right moves in dismantling BCS favorite Ohio State Monday night.

The Florida game plan was art, suitable for framing. The execution of the game plan was similarly gorgeous.” — Pat Forde

“The Rambo-like Tebow threw for one TD and powered into the end zone for another.” — MSNBC

“… the Gators triumphed with a superior offensive system and a defense that ate a rather mundane scheme alive.” — the Heisman Pundit

“Call Gainesville, Florida what it is: The capital of college sports in America.” — Richard Deitsch

“Florida’s offense did donuts around the confused, slowish Buckeyes defenders. Meyer used so many formations that Ohio State developed a nervous tic. And about the only Gator who didn’t line up at quarterback was Meyer’s wife, Shelley.” — Gene Wojciechowski

“Ohio State, a team that had won nine games by at least three touchdowns, finished with 82 total yards and eight first downs, totals that Florida surpassed in the first quarter.” — Ivan Maisel

“He was Cool Hand Leak, steady as a rock, unflappable and never afraid of the Big Bad Buckeyes.” — Franz Beard

“At least it was close… oh wait, I forgot, we got CRUSHED.” — Steve Lazuka

“Ohio State and Michigan were the two best teams in a really bad league. Florida was the best team in a really good league.” — Jim Walden

Florida kicked ass until their toes fell off. It was like watching a small animal get crushed between two glaciers.” — Every Day Should Be Saturday

Sports IllustratedChris Leak humiliated Mr. Heisman. To say he won the personal matchup with Troy Smith is like saying Sitting Bull got the best of Custer. It was a massacre …” — Pat Forde

“The Florida tackles spent much of the night pushing the Buckeye offensive line into Smith’s face.” — Keltic Gator

“Shouldn’t Troy Smith be required to return this Heisman? If Vanessa Williams had to return her Miss America crown for posing nude, shouldn’t Smith have to give his trophy back for getting on his knees and blowing the game?” — Paul Westerdawg

“They took a team that was supposed to be unbeatable and beat it down like it was UCF. They pushed so hard they caused the usually conservative Jim Tressel to go for it on fourth down from his own 29.” — Pat Dooley

“I’m going to celebrate with one glass of red wine. Maybe more.” — Jeremy Foley

Chris Leak

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images
Chris Leak torched the Buckeyes for 213 yards and one touchdown.

“I love you! Let’s do it in football now!” — Joakim Noah (March)

“Maybe this will be the year of the Gators.” — Steve Spurrier (November)

“They said it couldn’t be done, that David couldn’t beat Goliath.” — Tony Joiner

“The quarterback whose name had been embronzed 30 days earlier in New York had been thrown to the desert scrap heap by the baddest defensive line in all of college football.” — Luke Winn

“The SEC champion Gators were joined in the Top 25 by five other league rivals. No other conference finished with more in the top 25.” — AP report via

“It just puts pressure on the other sports now. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we won another basketball title in a few months.” — Shane Matthews

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  1. David –

    Glad to see your team win!


  2. […] State BCS defeat at the hands of those damn Gators. Go Buckeyes! […]

  3. The Jacksonville Web Design community knows that the Florida Gators own the Buckeyes. First the unstoppable Buckeyes get their hind ends whacked, hard and often by the Gators in the BCS Title game in football, 41-14, OUCH! Ha ha! That bruising was just followed up by the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship drubbing 84-75. We have 3 major trophies in 1 year and the poor bucknuts 2 humiliating losses… TO THE MIGHTY GATORS! It IS Gator Nation. It IS GREAT to be a FLORIDA GATOR!

    Jim S.
    Jacksonville Web Design
    Jacksonville, Florida USA

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