About a decade ago I bought a Gotham model pen from Levenger. It is by far my favorite pen. This weekend I found it in the cigar box I use to hold all my “best” pens and was quite disappointed to discover that its ink had run dry. Levenger no longer makes this fabulous pen and a search of their site and Google searches of the whole web returned no results for refills. A last-chance attempt was made: I found a model number on the ink cartridge — PR0162 — and that yielded results on the Levenger site. I ordered three sets of two refills. If you happen to have a Gotham, I’d grab some refills now before they stop carrying them.

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  1. If it helps any, most pen refills (including those labeled as Levinger) are actually made by other companies. Schmidt dominates that market, doing private branding for nearly all of the finer pen lines, both domestic and import. Even after you run out of the Levinger branded refills, you’ll be able to find something to fit elsewhere.

    As an admitted pen junky and owner of an upscale stationery store that sells fine pens, I can attest to the fact that there’s hardly an instrument out there that Schmidt doesn’t make a refill for. The quality is great….they write smooth as silk…and the depth of color is dead on. The only downside is that they run out fairly quickly if you write a lot—one of the tradeoffs to extra smooth flow is that you lay down more ink than with a cheap refills.

    Just my two cents……

  2. Just FYI
    The Gotham rollerball pen from Levenger can use a Schmidt R4612 capless rollerball refill.
    You can order them from coloradopen.com

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