While shopping at Best Buy you may notice a somewhat newish brand of computer products going by the name Dynex. At first I wasn’t sure if I could trust these things; they’re usually exactly the same as the name brand stuff but 50% less expensive. I’m always wary of getting something that seems like such a good deal. In this case you’re wise to buy. Dynex is apparently the Best Buy “generic” brand. I just bought an A/V cable for connecting my iPod to my TV and it works perfectly.

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  1. Hah. I made the mistake of nuying one dynex product, a 4 port high speed internal USB port for my pc. The price was 35.99, I took it home, installed it, sopent 3 hours trying to get the drivers to install, found that it wasn’t actually a high speed port as advertised when i plugged my ipod into it, then it fried my ipod. I took it back to Worst Buy, got my money back, went to Frye Electronics, got a better port for half the price, installed it, found that it WAS high speed, and plug and playm, and it works perfectly. I will NEVER set foot in Worst Buy again.

  2. I bought a 34.99 Wireless mouse with charging station, thought it was a good deal. Bought it, brought it home, worked great for 3 days. Now it doesn’t work, won’t connect to base.


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