In which I praise an excellent laptop stand

The Dexia Rack Laptop Stand

Dexia Rack Laptop StandMy mom got me a Dexia Rack a few years ago as a gift. I had seen one at a bookstore on the University of Florida campus while visiting Gainesville and said that it looked pretty cool. So of course my mom noted that and got me one for Christmas or my birthday months later. (Moms pay attention to that sort of thing.) It’s simply a terrific laptop stand. When folded it easily fits in a briefcase or book bag alongside your computer, and it weighs next to nothing. When opened it’s perfect for working in bed and keeping your laptop off your legs.

It looks like they’re no longer manufacturing the model I have, but you might be able to find one on eBay or something. If you’ve been thinking about getting a laptop stand, skip all the ones with stuffing and cushions or wooden trays and get this aluminum frame beauty.

And thanks, mom!

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  1. I have one of these racks too so that I can use the laptop on my desk with the keyboard underneath. Works great, and it keeps the laptop close to my eyes instead of being pushed way back. I will rue the day that I have to replace it.

    I just was looking for a friend of mine. Bummer.

  2. i got one of these years ago, and then wanted to have a second one. I got the original one at the UC Santa Barbara book store. But i couldn’t find one for sale after that. Their website said they were not available and to check back for their new model. I emailed them but never got a reply, unless it went unnoticed to spam folder. Every year or so i would check back with no results. Last year, i called them on the phone and got the story of what happened. The racks were manufactured in China, but the manufacturers were making them so that the edges were dangerously sharp and the Dexia company tried to get the manufacturers to eliminate this problem but they weren’t successful. they considered doing it themselves, filling down the sharp edges on each unit, but realized that would not be cost effective, so they had to stop making then. Best laptop stand ever made.

  3. @judy
    Thanks for the info. How tragic… A great idea with a tragic flaw.

    Couldn’t ever figure out how a 2-generation stand would ever top the original . Now I know. It would have been the original one without the sharp edge(s).

    Heck, I’d be willing to buy one and sign a release that I’m on my own if I ever cut myself. That’s how good they are!

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