Google Hates MeFor some mysterious reason the Google PageRank™ of this website dropped to zero about a year and a half ago.

I really have no idea why. It didn’t coincide with any major design changes and I didn’t do anything black hat here (or even white hat) that would have caused that.

Every few months I think to ask some friends and other websites if they see me reporting anything other than PageRank™ 0, and inevitably I find that nothing has changed. (Do you see this site as having any PR at all? Let me know!)

What is even more strange is that my traffic has not been affected, as far as I can tell. The majority of my visitors come from Google’s search engine results pages, and most of the time when I post a new topic I can find my site ranking somewhere in the first few.

Emails to Google and requests for re-inclusion have gone unanswered, so if anyone out there on the worldwide information superhighway has any ideas, do tell.

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  1. Whatever the problem is, it seems to affect Google’s treatment of your Bowl Schedule iCal content also. I use Google Calendar and my initial addition of your calendar worked fine, but it has not updated (as near as I can tell) since I added it. I have even tried deleting and re-adding the calendar and it is still showing old data (e.g. this coming Saturday it still lists Big East v. C-USA for Saturday night even though my iPhone correctly shows Rutgers v. Central Florida). So much for Google “not being evil”.

  2. The Bowl Schedule seems to update with no problems in iCal and Outlook. Are you sure there weren’t any settings to modify like “Refresh Interval” or “Check for Updates every …” when you added it to your Google Calendar?

    You also might try adding a querystring parameter to the end of URL, like ?x=1, to force Google Calendar to get a new copy.

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