• Drop everything and go watch Teenage Zombies right now.
  • The Green Day rock opera album American Idiot is now a Broadway show.
  • After a grueling 58 hours of continuous play, John McAllister of Seattle, Washington officially became the best Asteroids player on the planet.
  • I also spend a fair amount of my life trying to determine what went wrong, so I can appreciate a stroke of luck.
  • Well this is pretty crazy: There are a bunch of functioning oil wells hidden around Los Angeles. The first one they feature is about two miles from my house; it’s covered by giant paintings of flowers right next to a high school football field. (I always thought it was some funky art project.)
  • A few drinks and a little idle curiosity have led to the discovery of a hidden chapel under a family home.
  • This is what I keep wondering about Dancing with the Stars: “Oh you mean world champions like Jerry Rice and Emmit Smith and Ocho Cinco, who make millions because of their brilliant hand-eye coordination and ability to move in a rhythm with exact timing and precision? How will that translate to dancing?”
  • It has a double penis, is as long as a tall human, and lives in a heavily populated area of the Philippines. Yet somehow the giant lizard Varanus bitatawa has gone undetected by science until now.
  • I’ve been skeptical of solar power for a long time. There are simply too many cloudy days. (Not here in LA, but certainly in Florida.) But I’ve always been a fan of wind.
  • The reason why Apple is going to win — again — with the iPad, is because the overwhelming majority of people don’t care about Flash, software, files, directories, RAM, or whether their machine has a CD-ROM drive. They just want stuff that works.

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