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  • “If a boot becomes the standard choice among war correspondents, I’m thinking it’s gotta be pretty damn good.” And now there is something else I want to buy. (A vortex cannon would be cool, too.)
  • “Thousands of web designers make unforgivable spelling mistakes constantly.” Learning how to spell is actually quite easy. It’s amazing how many people think it’s perfectly acceptable to not know how to do it correctly.
  • Your App’s Website Sucks should be required reading for everyone that makes any website, not just for app sites.
  • The CEO of Woot! sent the world’s most awesome-packed email in the history of time to his employees to announce that Amazon had purchased them.
  • Regardless of what you think, login is not a verb.
  • TiPb has a stunningly complete list of every feature of the new iPhone.
  • EDSBS presents A Journey Through College Football Dickdom
2024-06-10: Broken links in this post have been removed and/or updated.

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