Notes on a mix CD

I’ve participated in the MeFi CD Swap at metafilter for as long as I can remember. It’s old school fun and I always get a bunch of really great new music I’d have probably never have heard otherwise.

musicThis year I chose not to include a track listing with the CDs I mailed to my five other swappers. (If you already know all the tracks on a mix CD, what fun is it?) The CDs I received from everyone else all did include track listings, though, and I suppose it’s not fair to keep the details secret from them.

Here are the tracks I included on my mix this year:

  1. The Raiders March — Williams, John
  2. California Dreamin’ (The Mama’s En The Papa’s) — Scala & Kolacny Brothers
  3. Some Like It Hot — Club Des Belugas
  4. Think About Your Troubles — Nilsson, Harry
  5. Sam’s Town — Killers, The
  6. The Horizon Is a Beltway — Low Anthem, The
  7. Desolation Row — My Chemical Romance
  8. Surrender — Cheap Trick
  9. Magdalena — Flowers, Brandon
  10. Two Way Action — Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire
  11. From a Buick 6 — Dylan, Bob
  12. Big Brown Eyes — Old 97’s
  13. Whale of a Tale — Walt Disney
  14. Less Than You Hoped For — Gunmoll
  15. How’s My Driving, Doug Hastings? — Less Than Jake
  16. (There’s A) Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow — Walt Disney
  17. Rip It Up / Ready Teddy — Lennon, John
  18. Under Smithville — For Squirrels
  19. A Better Son/Daughter — Rilo Kiley

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