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MacBook Air Fan Noise Issue

Have you noticed your MacBook Air fan has suddenly started running continuously, and loudly? You may need an SMC reset. See also: Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)

WordPress Wednesday: Thesis Theme Tag Text

Today I’m going to explain how to make your WordPress blog display a special note based on a tag associated with a post. This tip is uniquely written for users of Chris Pearson’s awesome Thesis Theme, but if you are crafty enough with WordPress, you’ll be able to use it regardless of the theme you’re […]

Personal Library Hack

Here’s a little trick to help you keep your books from getting lost forever. If you’re like me, you get a ton of snail-mail spam, what we used to call “junk mail”. Lots and lots of companies — especially those concerned with getting your money to save the whales, the environment, the lives of endangered […]

Displaying Older Posts

I’m suffering from a little bout of writer’s block these days. When you combine that with the fact that I haven’t been cruising the ‘net finding new and funny things, it makes for a dearth of new content on this site. I was thinking that it would be cool to display a single post from […]

WordPress Tags

I was very happy to see that the WordPress developers included the ability to “tag” posts. For a long time I’ve been using my own bastardized version of Bunny’s Technorati Tags to add tags to this site. A few days ago I decided to bite the bullet and convert to using the tag system that […]

Totally awesome: Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the WiiRemote

Assign a Drive Letter to a Folder

Awesome LifeHacker DOS trick: Give a folder its very own drive letter.

Delete Empty Folders

Looking for a way to clear some of your computer’s clutter? Getting rid of empty directories is a good start. I was looking for a file and realized that my machine was spending a long time searching through folders that I knew had nothing in them. A quick Google search returned a handy DOS trick […]

Timeline WordPress Plugin

This domain of mine has had stuff on it for a long, long time — before WordPress or MovableType or even Blogger. The original davidgagne.net is, sadly, lost forever. Some pieces of it have been kicking around on my various hard drives and FTP locations for a decade now. One file that I could never […]

How-To: WordPress Tags

Tags! They’re everywhere! It seems like every site on the ‘net is adding tagging now. Tag clouds — ridiculous, pointless, and annoying — are not the reason. Tagging is a good way to get into Technorati and a good way to get more traffic to your site. It’s a nifty way to organize your posts […]

Disable WordPress File Upload

Although I can appreciate that it’s a really nifty feature, I am likely never going to use the built-in File Upload feature in WordPress. What has bugged me is that it’s in an IFRAME in the Write Post panel; I think it slows the page load. I was trying to get rid of it, but […]

DropCaps, Amazon Tags for WordPress

I have finally updated two of my WordPress hack tutorials so that they are compliant with v. 2.04. The first one — DropCaps — allows you to put that nifty “dropcap” into a post. This post begins with a dropcap I. The second one — Amazon Tags — adds two new buttons to your editing […]

Protect Images with .htaccess

A few thousand of my hits every day are coming from some little geeks using an old web cam shot of my buddy’s as their avatar in forums. It’s quite funny, because I think they think that they’re actually linking to a different image. It’s pretty annoying, so I implemented scriptygoddess’ code to protect images […]

WordPress Mod: DropCaps

The chances of me ever using the WordPress str QuickTag are pretty slim, so I replaced it with a drop-capper. (The T in this paragraph should appear as a dropcap for you if you’re using a browser that handles CSS properly.) Pretty nifty, I think. Want to do it?

WordPress Mod: Amazon QuickTags

I wanted to add nifty little Amazon links to my posting window … so I did. Grab my zipped version of quicktags.js and you can, too. This is the javascript file that builds the row of buttons above your posting window (e.g. str, em, del, etc.) My version adds two buttons: one for quick-linking to […]

Custom Tag Buttons in Edit Entry screen

I use bookmarklets for all my posting and hardly ever enter the MT interface to do anything other than edit old posts. So if you are like me you will need to modify bm_entry.tmpl instead of edit_entry.tmpl, but otherwise this is what you need to do if you were using Scott Andrew’s PowerLinks in your […]


Trust me. You want to go get HideOutlook from r2 studios. This little app is great! It lets you minimize Outlook to the system tray instead of the taskbar. Click the icon in the systray and Outlook pops open or closed; right-click it and you can create new email messages, appointments, etc. Very hep. And […]

Comment the Link

Jason @ JPlay has written a great tutorial on how to add a user comment to the pop-up send-link hack. I’ve gotten multiple requests for this, so I’m sure it will interest many readers. Thanks, Jason!

htaccess Files

The Scriptygoddess wrote a terrific little tutorial on protecting your bandwidth from image-link theft by modifying your .htaccess files.


Are you using MovableType to manage your blog? If so, you might be interested in the tutorial I just added to my Works in Progress blog – How to Add a “BlogData” Footer to Each Post. It’s nifty (I hope!) because I explained how to take advantage of several aspects of the MovableType framework that […]