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How-To: WordPress Tags

Tags! They’re everywhere! It seems like every site on the ‘net is adding tagging now. Tag clouds — ridiculous, pointless, and annoying — are not the reason. Tagging is a good way to get into Technorati and a good way to get more traffic to your site. It’s a nifty way to organize your posts

Disable WordPress File Upload

Disable WordPress File Upload

Although I can appreciate that it’s a really nifty feature, I am likely never going to use the built-in File Upload feature in WordPress. What has bugged me is that it’s in an IFRAME in the Write Post panel; I think it slows the page load. I was trying to get rid of it, but

DropCaps, Amazon Tags for WordPress

I have finally updated two of my WordPress hack tutorials so that they are compliant with v. 2.04. The first one — DropCaps — allows you to put that nifty “dropcap” into a post. This post begins with a dropcap I. The second one — Amazon Tags — adds two new buttons to your editing

Protect Images with .htaccess

A few thousand of my hits every day are coming from some little geeks using an old web cam shot of my buddy’s as their avatar in forums. It’s quite funny, because I think they think that they’re actually linking to a different image. It’s pretty annoying, so I implemented scriptygoddess’ code to protect images

WordPress Mod:  DropCaps

WordPress Mod: DropCaps

In which I explain how to create dropcaps

WordPress Mod:  Amazon QuickTags

WordPress Mod: Amazon QuickTags

In which I dive into the WordPress codebase

Custom Tag Buttons in Edit Entry screen

I use bookmarklets for all my posting and hardly ever enter the MT interface to do anything other than edit old posts. So if you are like me you will need to modify bm_entry.tmpl instead of edit_entry.tmpl, but otherwise this is what you need to do if you were using Scott Andrew’s PowerLinks in your


Trust me. You want to go get HideOutlook from r2 studios. This little app is great! It lets you minimize Outlook to the system tray instead of the taskbar. Click the icon in the systray and Outlook pops open or closed; right-click it and you can create new email messages, appointments, etc. Very hep. And

Comment the Link

Jason @ JPlay has written a great tutorial on how to add a user comment to the pop-up send-link hack. I’ve gotten multiple requests for this, so I’m sure it will interest many readers. Thanks, Jason!

htaccess Files

The Scriptygoddess wrote a terrific little tutorial on protecting your bandwidth from image-link theft by modifying your .htaccess files.

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