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#blogIRC was fascinating last night, but, to all of you who asked, the answer is, “No, I’m a dolt and forgot to turn on logging.” I have no transcript of the evening’s festivities. If you were smart enough to have been logging, please send me a copy. I am working on compiling an archive of #blogIRCs and formatting them for linkitude fun. I have some privacy issues I want to resolve first: Should I password protect them? Who can read them? Only the people that were there? Does anyone care? Would anyone besides me be interested? These questions and many more will be posed next week on “What the Hell Is Dave Talking About Now?” (And just because I like using it as an introductory adverbial phrase I’ll say) But that’s neither here nor there… because… <drumroll> “Lolly lolly lolly get your adverbs here…”

I am astonished that it took her so long to add me to her favorites list.

Hey, Ducky! I, too, had an excellent ICQ conversation today. I don’t know if you can call it a conversation, per se, but SuperQuack and I certainly were cracking each other up today.

I feel mildly guilty because I told someone that I would do something for them and I haven’t yet. I’ll get to it. I was busy today and then tonight I ended up spending most of the night putting an entertainment center together for my mom and now it’s 1 and I am late for my trip to the Apartment of Sin. So I will get to it tomorrow afternoon or maybe tomorrow night or maybe the day after you leave a nice message on my voice mail.

Speaking of the AoS (Of Doom!)… my friend in NJ that is not the only person I’ve ever met with just an initial for a middle name was reading my blog here and told me if I didn’t say something nice about her I’d regret it. [Translation: I have two friends in NJ. (I also have some family in NJ, but that’s important right now.) I am here writing about the one who has a full name for a middle name, and not the one who only has an initial.] So… as you would expect… I choose to regret it. haHA! But serially, you fools, everyone at the AoS sends beer and SportsCenter highlights and smokes and more beer and a ton of empty bottles and maybe some tequila for good measure and a few pizzas to the JAMster. We all miss you, even me.

I never thought I’d feel miffed about being called straight!

2024-01-21: Broken links in this post have been removed and/or updated.

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