Sunday mornings are my favorite time of the week. Okay. Maybe not. Maybe just right now. Whatever. Somehow I was wide awake at 8:00 this morning even though I didn’t get to sleep until around 3:30 am. I washed the coffee pot, stared out the window while the Master Blend was a-brewing, noticed that the air conditioner drip pipe in the backyard wasn’t dripping, wondered if that meant the a/c was clogged and if that was the source of the mysterious water stains on the living room ceiling, put on my trusty re-run t-shirt, searched for and finally found the stepladder, climbed into the attic in my boxers and t-shirt, crawled around for a bit as if I knew what the hell an a/c drip pipe would look like in a dark attic, saw something that looked like an Easter egg in the mush of insulation, hit my head on a nail, decided that the a/c was fine and I was just being paranoid (the water stains were probably there all along and I just hadn’t noticed them), managed to get down from the attic without killing myself, went into the backyard, stuck my fingers into the a/c drip pipe, realized that it probably wasn’t dripping like it was supposed to because it was a beautiful 70-something degrees and the a/c wasn’t even running, felt like an idiot, and made it back to the kitchen just as the coffee pot was bleeping that it was done. Quite an exciting half-hour actually. All that already today, plus I mercilessly cut-n-pasted Joe‘s fauxcam gizmo and created my own pop-up cam. So now if you click on my cam shot you can – why? – keep it open in a little updating window on your desktop. This should save some wear and tear on your F5 key, as I know that thousands of you are sitting there constantly refreshing my page …

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