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iPhone SMS Alarm Bug

This morning I discovered what is possibly the world’s most annoying iPhone bug. For some time now I’ve been trying to determine why every now and then I seem to sleep right through my alarm. The iPhone alarm can be set to be tragically loud and uncomfortably annoying, so the fact that I have frequently

Inappropriate Narcolepsy

A Short List of Places Where It Would Be Bad to Fall Asleep In Increasing Order of Danger Jacuzzi and / or hot tub the rim of a volcano marriage counseling compiled by David with help from Kelly

Dream A Little Dream

Last night I dreamt that I was on the phone with person A. While I was talking with person A, person B called my cell phone. I tried to disable the ringer on my cell and could not. I became very frustrated. I smashed my cell phone and it would not stop ringing. At one

Got Sleep?

Sleep hogs beware. A new study suggests that individuals who sleep eight hours or more a night actually have an increased death rate compared to those who average fewer hours. Study subjects who slept seven hours a night had the best survival rates. Those sleeping eight hours a night were 12 percent more likely to

Sex and Bananas

I found a link on the mini-wetlog to this stress busting organization’s article on insomnia. One person suggested sex and bananas as sure-fire cures. (No, not at the same time.)

Tonight I plan on getting to bed before 11 pm. Sure, this is a bit unusual for me since I haven’t made it to sleep before 3 am in a few weeks. But tomorrow night is the Stone Temple Pilots concert at the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando and I want to have plenty of energy for that!

Get to Sleep

As I crawled lugubriously from my bed this morning, I made myself a promise I swore I would keep. Come hell or high water. Regardless of anything that should happen in my life. No matter the cost. Under whatever circumstances. For the love of all that is good and holy. If I have to rip

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