Well. That’s what it’s all about, right? So here I am. These aren’t exactly the best pictures of me; but they are the ones that I like – for one reason or another. Lemme splain.
I used to have a mad fascination with capturing myself on film. I had a camera in the bathroom of my second apartment so I could snap shots of me whenever I thought I looked … well … whenever I thought I looked like somehow I’d someday like to remember I looked. One day I just remember thinking that I wanted to always have a picture of these really cool shorts I had. One day I thought I looked spiffy all dressed for work. Someone took a photo of me and it developed with a red tint and I just always liked the way it made my hair look. Here’s me trying to be groovy on the dance floor. My second apartment had vaulted ceilings and it was a fair bet that at some point in the evening I would leap from the table to the rafters and hang from my knees until enough people yelled at me to come down. Here is a perfect example of my ultra-cheesy smile – reserved for special events only. I had the opportunity to punch a man on stage once. My dad loves to capture people when they’re not paying attention. This is me on a break during a long bike ride. This is, I think, my 21st birthday party.
(Here’s the whole bunch.)

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