This will probably sound ridiculous, but with everything that’s happening in my life right now I think the thing I want most in the world, right now, is to be able to breathe through my nose. It’s one of those small things that you don’t ever notice until it’s gone. Every now and then I use one of those ‘nasal sprays’ when my nose feels stuffy. I used one last night, and took a TavistD pill. After a spate of incredible drippiness and sneezing I was actually able to inhale and exhale through my nose for most of the night. Granted: I was asleep during most of this proboscis-freedom, so I couldn’t really appreciate it. Now I’m awake, and at work, and mouth-breathing. It’s terrible. My nasal passages feel as if they’re filled with marshmallow fluff. My sinuses feel fine. My head feels fine. I’m not sick. I just can’t breathe through my nose. At all. I hate this.

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  1. I cant breathe my nose and i have to open my mouth everyday like 24 hrs. I won’t go to dentist because cant breathe my nose. I have to eat fast becuase of no breathe nose when i ate and stop and open mouth then eat repeat. I tried to buy differnt medincines at Savon Drug STore but wont work…. alot of runny nose and try to blow my nose but no breathe nose. what i do??? do you think i have to call doctor for speical medicnine?????

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