The Pseudodictionary is full of words (and phrases) that aren’t really words but should be. In the early 80s we used to call these sniglets, a term coined by, I think, Rich Hall of HBO’s Not Necessarily the News. I first found the Psuedodictionary several months ago when there were only a handful of words there. Now the site is a veritable cornucopia of fun and exciting ways to say things you already say but didn’t know other people said, too.

I just submitted BFE (butt-f*ck egypt). BFE is, of course, a place very far away from where you are and to which you would need a very good reason to travel. BFE is interesting because in Gainesville, Florida it was any place that was more than a five-minute drive from me. I considered the Oaks Mall (less than ten miles away) to be in BFE. In Los Angeles though, BFE is much, much farther away. Now I don’t think twice to drive twenty minutes to get someplace. So.

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