You really should be reading Über each and every day. I can’t stress this enough. I’m not kidding. Seriously. I stopped reading for a few weeks and, man, I don’t want to tell you the things that started happening to me. It was bad. Real bad. But now I’m reading Über again and everything is better. So much better. I just feel more … complete. It’s like that feeling you get when you’ve lost something that was really important to you and then realize that it wasn’t lost, you had simply put it behind that other thing so you wouldn’t forget it when you got back from where you were going but since you had so much fun at that place you totally forgot about the thing that was oh-so-supposedly important to you and when you realized yesterday that you didn’t have it and went looking for it and couldn’t find it you freaked and then you spilled your drink on the counter next to that thing that you had balanced on top of the book that was near the box under which you had put that important thing so not only is it lost but now it’s got soda all over it and that is just wrong wrong wrong (why were you hiding it in the first place? you idiot.) so now you’re frustrated and cleaning the soda and you hate to move that box but now there’s going to be carbonated beverage stains all over it and the really old t-shirt that you really liked and had put in that damn box last week before you went to … and then you remember … the important thing is behind that other thing! … and then you get it and it’s got a little soda on it but otherwise it’s okay and man, don’t you feel better? That’s what reading Über every day is like. Kinda.

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