My blog was / is named bling. It just popped into my head one day about a year or so ago. It’s short for “rambling”. It’s also the route by which most of my visitors seem to find me. Why all these lost souls are searching the internet for “bling” escapes me. Why so many seem to be searching for “bling bling” escapes me even more (Is that possible? Why do we instinctively put English muffins in the toaster with the insides facing each other? Is there any logic to that? Is the inside of the toaster hotter than the outside and the inside of the muffin is what we wanted toasted more? Have you ever put the muffin in the toaster with the insides facing out? Have you?). I wonder if they are finding the bling for which they search here. I find that hard to imagine.

Forthwith: My personal version of Disturbing Search Requests; here are the things that (some apparently lost and confused) people have typed into Google or Yahoo! or AltaVista in order to discover my page:
bling bling, oceanblog, www.bling, ocean clipart, the snows of kilimanjaro, fat man’s penis, titus andronicus essays, video net girls, gatsby and automobile, ocean homeostasis, the snows of kilimanjaro by hemingway, the old man and the sea and joe dimaggio, hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy satire essay, immortality of the soul by plato, lifegaurd shorts, nurse flirt pics, bike shorts and fuck and jpg, maggie: a girl of the streets theme, for whom the bell tolls relationships, old man and the sea essay

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