I hate when you’ve eaten all the Krackels and then all the Special Darks and then all the Hershey’s and all that you have left are Mr. Goodbars. Also, I want a cigarette.

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  1. Dude, the Goodbars are the best!

  2. Yeah, I always eat the Goodbars first, then the milk chocolate then the special dark. Krackel comes last. You suck 😀

    I mean, what is krackel except chocolate with a little air?

  3. Heck with the Hershey debate, I want to discuss Gardetto’s snacks. I eat the rye crackers first.
    Dawg (Special Darks are the best)

  4. Try eating the cig with the goodbar,,,,I don’t care

  5. dark is choc is always the best….hmmm….always ‘crisp’…good stuff…every genre of candy has its losers though….the black jelly bean, the tootsy roll….grin.

  6. Scientific tests show, Goodbars are indeed the best.

  7. You bastard. You eat the Goodbars last? I feel ashamed to have momentarily surfed through this blog.

    The Special Darks should be last, because you have to go IN ORDER from lightest to heaviest chocolates. This is to ensure one’s full Hershey chocolate experience:

    Krackels – first
    Goodbars – second
    Hershey Plain – third
    Hershey Special Dark – fourth

    I hope this has taught you something, Mr. Gagne.

    P.S.: Feel free to e-mail me back for more gourmet chocolate information.

  8. Sorry to tell you but all American Choclate sucks the fat one. Try some tasty Ritter Sport or Milka. German and Swiss choclates kick Hersheys ass.

  9. Um, yeah… American chocolate is mostly wax. Ritter Sports, Milka, Toblerone, Valrhona… that’s where it’s at! 60% cocoa mass or more.

    But if you HAVE to eat American chocolate, definately save the dark for last.

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