A man walks into a store and goes straight to the counter.

“I would like a garnet hat, a gold shirt, garnet pants, and some gold shoes.”

The clerk looked at the man and said, “Are you a Florida State fan?”

“I sure am!” replied the man. “Go ‘Noles!”

“I thought so,” said the man behind the counter.

“Ha! It was the color combination, wasn’t it?” asked the fan.

“No,” answered the clerk, “This is a hardware store.”

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  1. In Tallahessee, even hardware stores sell Nole gear. Furniture stores, grocery stores, bookstores, antique stores, computer stores, any kind of store. they’ve all got it.Why?Because it sells.Because the Noles rock and they have a huge and devoted fan base.Because they’ve won two National Championships in the last ten years and have played for it more times than any other team in the last two decades with the possible exception of Nebraska.Because they are, year after year, the best college football team in America, bar none.

  2. I knew you’d make a comment on that one, Mike. :0)

  3. There are even Gator fans way out here in San Francisco, amazingly enough.UF ’94

  4. A Gator and he’s doing the Blogathon. Bill rocks.UF ’99

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