About 1.5 million alligators live in Florida, and 287 attacks against humans have been recorded in the past 52 years. A full-grown horse was attacked by an alligator and dragged into a pond in Titusville; and a two year old girl is Florida’s 2nd gator fatality this year.

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  1. Yeah. I’ve lived in Florida for years, and I do not understand why these prehistoric … *things* are allowed in populated areas. It’s like letting lions run around loose. But then there are a lot of things here I don’t understand. Why people call themselves “crackers” … why they’d *want* to keep indoor spaces at 60 degrees when it’s 96 degrees outside … why people vote candidates into office who are already under indictment … At least it’s never boring. 😉

  2. I see a possible link between these people calling themselves “crackers” and the alligators eating people. Maybe we’ve just got some very confused animals here.

  3. yeah, but jill, who was here first? Better yet, who has bigger teeth?

  4. Yes, but the alligators didn’t “call” Florida. And Shaun, I hadn’t thought of the cracker angle. Excellent insight.

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