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Gator Attacks Naked Man On Crack

Now that is an awesome headline! As my friend Kelly, who sent me the link, said, “Only in Florida …” This is one hell of a story to read. You can file this one as “Reason #419 Not to Get High on Crack and Fall Asleep Next to a Lake in Central Florida”. I love

Killing Horses

Despite a growing public revulsion and overwhelming bi-partisan political support, a few members of Congress — notably Texas Republican Congressman Henry Bonilla — have managed to stall federal legislation to outlaw horse slaughter.

Invisible Donkey Removal

Invisible Donkey Removal

Get Help When You Need It

Ornithological Question

Do you think at ornithological conventions the phrase, “He got a feather up his ass about it,” is used often?

Dog Food

Does this dog taste funny to you?

Ugly Yellow Stains

If you were sitting there and decided to make a list of things that leave hideous yellow permanent stains on white t-shirts, you probably wouldn’t even think to put cat urine in the top five. But you’d be wrong. Oh, boy. Would you be wrong.

Singing Horses

There’s nothing in the world quite as much fun as a quartet of singing horses to brighten your Monday morning. link via 50 cups of coffee

I Want a Pet Hippo!

I Want a Pet Hippo!

A story about a pet hippo

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