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A company called Transgenic Pets is attempting to create genetically modified cats. These cats, “will be like any other cats except they will no longer have the protein that causes an allergic reaction in human beings.”
BBC article
NY Times article

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  1. I think it’s outragous. Allergy is a fairly new thing, or at least it has exploded over the past twenty years or so. I think research should be put into finding out why more people are allergic and how that delevopment can be reversed. We humans should not alter another race, because we have a problem. Instead we should deal with it.

  2. hopefully, they’ll still taste as good.

  3. On one hand I look at it this way. They have already genetically altered cats for thousands of years. I mean look at Siamese cats. They used to be short, stocky, with round faces….now they are incredibly tall, long, and have long pointy faces. Yes that was from breeding them, but breeding animals to look a certain way has made them more likely to get certain health problems they wouldn’t have had otherwize. So if it’s okay to do that–why isn’t it okay to do this?On the otherhand why don’t they just genetically alter humans so they aren’t allergic to cats…and what wrong with taking an allergy pill? I also know that if you only have a slight allergic reaction to cats if you own one you kind of become immune to it after awhile. Your body kind of gets used to it. What’s the point of my rambling? I’m not really sure! haha

  4. I’m sickened by this and I hope that the first round of kittens without this protein are eight feet tall and immediately yarf the world’s biggest hairball on the doctors who did this to them.

  5. Maybe they can also genetically alter them so they don’t have to eat, pee or crap….

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