For the past decade, the Eastern Division has been a two-team race to the SEC Championship Game between Florida and Tennessee. They have had absolutely no competition from the rest of the division. This year will be no exception.

If Tennessee quarterback Casey Clausen was a little more seasoned and the game wasn’t being played in Gainesville, I might give the Vols a chance in this game. But he isn’t and they aren’t, so the Volunteers will have to settle for second.
Terry Bowden on the SEC

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  1. If so, then once again we’ll have a season where the third-best team in Florida is the SEC champion.

  2. [shakes head] Poor Mike. That boy’s just not right, bless his heart.

  3. As of right now, we have played that game, and it was one of the sweetest victories in the history of the Vols. I’m 13 and the only girl in my school that knows so much about football, and I slightly resent your comment, Terry Bowden. Now, as for your comment on Casey Clausen, that really pisses me off. He’s a great QB, and for your information, he beat all of Peyton Manning’s sophmore stats! However, we did lose the SEC Championship game, but that’s irrelevent, and we played a great season. Oh, and just to let you know, Casey Clausen’s goal next season is to win the National Championship!

  4. Well, Terry Bowden, it looks like we won that game, doesn’t it. As for your snitty comment about Casey Clausen, that really has me ticking! I’m 13 and the biggest Tennessee fan in the world. My room is orange, and I just happen to know that you most likely know something that I also know. Clausen broke all of Manning’s sophmore stats. Oh, and just a bit of information, Clausen’s goal for next season is to win the National Championship. What do you bet he’ll pull through on that goal. I know my sister already posted a little comment on your website, but I didn’t read it, and I wanted to make sure she covered all the bases. You might get a word or two from my other three sisters and three brothers, but don’t count on it, they’re too mad!

  5. My sister’s, Chloe and Reiley, already posted a comment, but that was a few months ago. I just happened to be in the room when Reiley happened upon this site and your comment on Clausen. I’ve had a few months to cool down now, and I just realized that I’m mad at you. Very mad. Chlo and Reiles were right, we are the only girls in our school that know this much about football. We were born Tennessee fans, and we have watched Vol football since we were toddlers with our older brothers, sister, and our father. I also happen to know that Clausen surpassed all of Manning’s records. But, I guess that doesn’t stand for much since he isn’t seasoned and the Florida game will be played in Gainesville, and we’re going to lose it. Oh, I’m sorry, my mistake, we already played that game. Oh, my gosh, Tennessee won that game! Our other sister and brothers will only tell you the same thing, so you probably won’t hear any thing from them. But, you might.

  6. I must admit that your prediction seems to be fairly foolish with all respect Mr. Bowden. Although we play in the swamp, Florida has lost their Qb and running back not to mention their receivers. On defense, the Gators are young and very inexperienced against a veteran Tennessee rushing attack. We will pound it between the tackles with Houston and Riggs and win by more than 14 points. Mark it down.

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