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#FridayFive: Favorite Places to Drink Beer

Of course, the best place to drink a beer is in the garage after you just finished mowing the lawn.

Steve Spurrier leaves Gainesville.

For Squirrels

Disenchanted – For Squirrels

For the past decade, the Eastern Division has been a two-team race to the SEC Championship Game between Florida and Tennessee. They have had absolutely no competition from the rest of the division. This year will be no exception.

If Tennessee quarterback Casey Clausen was a little more seasoned and the game wasn’t being played in Gainesville, I might give the Vols a chance in this game. But he isn’t and they aren’t, so the Volunteers will have to settle for second.
Terry Bowden on the SEC

2024-01-21: Broken links in this post have been removed and/or updated.

Less Than Jake

I saw Less Than Jake last night at The Hollywood Palace. Amazing concert. I love those guys. One of the songs from their new album is called Gainesville Rock City. (The CD case has a spinner-dial on the back that tells you the mileage between numerous cities and Gainesville, Florida. Very cool.) The encore began

Kathleen Gagne

If you live in the Gainesville / Ocala Florida COX Cable market you have a chance to see my mom on television. She’s in the currently-airing COX Happy Holidays commercial, sitting at her desk and waving at the camera. Wave to her and tell her how much you love being a COX Cable subscriber. Hi,

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