I just took a verbalIQ test that I found at leuschke.org. My overall score was a depressingly low 87%.
I did well in the Reading Comprehension and Anagrams sections. I had never seen an Anagrams section on a standardized test. It’s an interesting concept, although I think it’s really just another form of a vocabulary test and not really useful in gauging how well a person might solve anagrams. How often are you presented with anagram problems at work? In life? Unless I’m playing a game I don’t think I’m ever faced with one. And does anyone like the Analogy sections on standardized tests? They’re terrible. Even when I see the quote-unquote correct answers I am usually aggravated by what the test designers have considered analogically equivalent.
If you want to see them, the full results of my test are located in the extended text of this entry. How did you do?

Overall Verbal IQ: 87

  • Vocabulary 82
  • Idioms and Expressions 100
  • Reading Comprehension 100
  • Analogies 80
  • Anagrams 100
  • Information/General Knowledge 94

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  1. Overall Verbal IQ: 74Vocabulary 74Idioms and Expressions 100Reading Comprehension 100Analogies 100Anagrams 100Information/General Knowledge 100

  2. IQ tests measure your ability to take IQ tests. Period. They mean dick.

  3. Considering my mid-terms then my IQ must measure on lacking side.

  4. Ouch, 84. I would have done better but I skipped three anagrams. I always liked the analogy tests.

  5. Overall: 90Vocab: 87Idioms: 100Comprehension: 100Analogies: 80Anagrams: 100Info/Knowledge: 94

  6. 89%. But I was tired and … and …

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