Here’s a nifty little trick for you, my loyal derlings! In the sidebar to the left (or, to the right if you’re upside-down) you may notice a mini-blog called The Good Stuff. Those are quickie web links that I guaran-damn-tee are worth a visit. “That’s not a trick, David,” I hear you say. Well hold on to your hat, there, little fella. The nifty part of that mini-blog is that you – yes YOU! – can have it all to yourself. If you click and drag (meaning, click and don’t let go of the mouse) the link “the good stuff” over to the top of your Internet Explorer window, you can drop it there and use it as a soopah-link. When you click on the button that it creates in your window menu, it will open up The Good Stuff mini-blog in your IE sidebar. It’s actually pretty cool. Give it a shot. Go on.

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    That *is* cool.

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