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They are 18-point underdogs, the biggest spread against them since 1988. They have lost seven of the last eight games against the Gators and haven’t won in The Swamp since 1971, when Fulmer played guard for Tennessee and Steve Spurrier was a backup quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. School officials have figured that it

Fowler on UF / UT

Chris Fowler: It’ll be nice in Gainesville, site of College GameDay for the sixth time. I’m not that hopeful, but it might be nice to watch a close game for a change. Far be it from me to whine about the amazing gig we GameDay guys have. But the score of the last two games

In the Year 2000

Need a laugh? Check out some of Conan O’Brien’s In the Year 2000 classics. Here are a few of my favorites: Penguins will begin having senior proms, but will surprisingly still rent tuxes. Men will actually begin desiring women who have great personalities. In a related story, breasts will be renamed ‘personalities.’ Mothers will no

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

I can’t possibly be the only one that’s received the ridiculous-but-oh-so-earnest spam from the alleged Dr. Sule Ibrahim, Director of Project Implementation for Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Let me know if you got it, too! We could start a little club! It would be ultra-secret, and you can only be a member if you received

No Go

No Go

I’m not going to Gainesville for the game. I really wish I was, but I just can’t convince myself to do it. I have enough Delta SkyMiles to swing it, but I would have to pay an additional $75 since it’s so last-minute. Monday I’m starting a new job and it just wouldn’t be cool


George Harrison just died. That sucks.

More Hacks

Reghacks – Tips, Tricks and Registry Hacks for Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP



Hmmm … My buddy Bob just called me on his cell phone from Sarejevo, Bosnia. He’s over there – I’m not kidding! – brokering an arms deal with Kuwait for his company, which sells various types of ammunitions. Bob says he has an extra ticket to the Florida – Tennessee game in Gainesville on Saturday


Hey! TheBrad just noticed that’s wishlist system is failing bloggers. If you try to click on someone else’s wishlist, Amazon displays your own wishlist instead (if you have one). That means that since I have a wishlist there, I can’t see anyone else’s! The hell? What did they change? Has anyone else found a


The data used in computing the BCS standings can be found by following these links: USA Today / ESPN poll AP poll Billingsley Report Dunkel Index Kenneth Massey NY Times David Rothman Jeff Sagarin Scripps-Howard Seattle Times

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