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There is a guy named Gregg Easterbrook writing for the sports section of Gregg runs a mailing list called TMQ – Tuesday Morning Quarterback. If you are a football fan you should go with much haste and abandon to join the list. He is hysterical and brilliant. Every Tuesday night you’ll receive a wonderful compilation of the worst coaching decisions, best plays, and … well … lots of haiku.

Two Good Reasons to Love Slate’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback Mailing List:

  • He never writes about the Washington Redskins. They are the “Chesapeake Watershed Region Indigenous Persons”. The Tennessee Titans are always called “The Flaming Thumbtacks”. (Note their insignia.)
  • He often mentions Victoria’s Secret, BodyPerks, and Playboy.
  • Special Bonus Third Good Reason to Love Slate’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback Mailing List: The Obscure College Score of the Week

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  1. It seems that he made some comments that Disney took to be anti-semitic… Disney does not fool around (don’t mess with the mouse)

  2. TMQ no longer on Anyone know what has happened or where to read his column

  3. I am not sure why he is no longer writing for Slate, but I do know that you can still read Tuesday Morning Quarterback! His articles now appear in the Page2 section of


  5. Go to and register for the “Sports Nut” newsletter.

  6. OK, so I read it. I liked it. But I see no instructions on how to sign up on a mailing list.

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