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Thoughts for the Offseason

Thoughts for the Offseason

“The stadium lights are dimmed, the film rooms have gone dark, and the cheerleaders have put their miniskirts away in very small drawers.”

The Offseason

In which I mourn the ending of another college football season

Globalization at Mach Speed

If you enjoy reading things which are awesome, I highly suggest grabbing a copy of Sonic Boom: Globalization at Mach Speed, by Gregg Easterbrook. It took less than two pages for my jaw to drop, but that wasn’t unexpected; I’ve loved every Easterbrook article, haiku, and book I’ve ever read. The man is a genius.

Naperville Public Library Books

When I got to the office today there was a package sitting on my desk. I received my sixth copy of Gregg Easterbrook‘s “The Progress Paradox: How Life Gets Better While People Feel Worse” — I keep giving them away! — via Amazon’s used book marketplace. The book is in near-perfect condition, perhaps because it

Actual correction from last week’s San Francisco Chronicle: “A story about mathematical references mistakenly said that 1,782 to the 12th power plus 1,841 to the 12th power equals 1,922 to the 12th power. Actually, 1,782 to the 12th power plus 1,841 to the 12th power equals 2,541,210,258,614, 589,176,288,669,958,142,428,526,657 while 1,922 to the 12th power equals 2,541,210,259,314,801,410,819,278,649,643,651,567,616.”
from Tuesday Morning Quarterback

This week’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback includes a delicious link to college football’s funniest fight song. It also includes the best football commentary on the web, and a little bit about that lovable V’Ger, from the first Star Trek movie.

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