Hey! TheBrad just noticed that Amazon.com’s wishlist system is failing bloggers. If you try to click on someone else’s wishlist, Amazon displays your own wishlist instead (if you have one). That means that since I have a wishlist there, I can’t see anyone else’s! The hell? What did they change? Has anyone else found a way around this problem?

(with a <grin> and a <wink>)
Aside 1: It sure would be nice if TheBrad had a comment system.
Aside 2: It sure would be nice if TheBrad had permalinks to individual entries.

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  1. Since Brad doesn’t have a comment system, we’ll use yours! It seems to be working…

    I can’t tell if mine is, of course, but for instance, Kristin Garrity’s is right here: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/wishlist/DECD4F6LXOIA.

    Perhaps some URL they were using before got remapped.

  2. Hey! Okay, so clicking the link to *your* wishlist brings up *my* wishlist, but Kristin’s *does* work. Now that’s odd. I’m going to tell Amazon to eMail me my wishlist and see if the link is different …

  3. Woo! Thanks be to Dan. His fix – found on TheBrad’s page – works like a charm. So, Brad, I assume you can get to my wishlist now? :0)

  4. Only for you, darling, I spent most of the morning — time I could ill afford, since we have a show opening this night — trying to install a poorly documented, brain-damaged commenting system for the sole purpose of asking my readers if anyone BESIDES you wanted me to have a commenting system.

    That’s how much I loves ya.

    But I failed, mav…utterly failed, flummoxed and defeated by the two headed monster that is CGI Perl.

    Ah, well, never fear. There’s something better in the works…has been for some time. Just you wait, ‘enry ‘iggins! Just! You! Wait!

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