Even if they beat Florida, you still can’t spell ‘citrus’ without UT.

Q. – What does UT football have in common with marijuana?
A. – They both get smoked in a bowl.

Q. – Why is the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and the State Prison in
A. – Nashville had first choice.

Q. What’s the best pickup line to use on a UT coed?
A. “Nice tooth, bitch.”

Q. How can you tell if a UT fan is married?
A. There are tobacco juice stains on the passenger door of his pickup.

Q.- How many Tennessee students does it take to change a flat tire?
A.- Just one, but they get 3 hours of credit.

jokes via Bob

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  1. yeah go ahead and put the vols down bring them on down to their level which is tbe namesake they have chosen the gators which are in the swamp

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