I’ve been getting some really funny spam lately. Has anyone else received this one?

No one likes to touch the toilet seat. Why else would public restrooms offer those little paper liners? Fingertouch brings you that type of service at home. You never have to touch your toilet seat again.

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  1. Speaking of spam, here’s an interesting article about SPAM (the original!) found via fark.com today: http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/011213/132078_1.html Here are a couple of highlights from the article:

    “The museum pays homage to the 64-year history, quirky joys and unprecedented excitement SPAM® has inspired for generations of people worldwide.”

    ” ‘What started here in the small town of Austin, Minnesota, in 1937 has become one of America’s best-loved icons with global reach and influence,’ said Julie Craven, director of public relations for Hormel Foods. ‘The museum celebrates the phenomenon that is SPAM® as well as the legions of SPAM(TM) fans.’ ”

    Hmmm… phenomenon? Legions? Well, there’s got to be a fan base out there somewhere, so all you SPAM fans be sure to mark your calendars for the grand opening celebration on June 15-16 in Austin, Minnesota!

    (All joking aside, the article does mention the fact that SPAM played an important part in WWII in keeping the Allied Forces fed, so that IS a noteworthy point — thank you SPAM)

  2. Totally off the subject … I love your micropoll! How’dya do that? *grin* You amaze me. Now if I could just see you on The Weakest Link, I would be happy.

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